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John Whitfield Shield





We are looking for a young person between the age of 11-19 who has delivered exceptional community service over the past year to award the Shield to this year. Do you know of any such individual?


John Whitfield was a popular and long-serving member of the Shakespeare Lions Club, a club that has been working in Stratford upon Avon for 55 years.  Sadly John died some years ago but his family gave a bursary to the club to purchase a trophy dedicated to his memory to be presented annually to recognise young people in the town who are committed to community service.


If you can think of anyone who may deserve this award please could you complete the attached form and return it to us at Shakespeare Lions Club by the end of August. More information about previous winner


Judging will take place in September and we aim to present the award at our October meeting.  All nominees will receive a certificate to recognise their service and the winner will also receive the trophy to hold for the following year.

New President!




On 1st July a lovely evening in a 20's stlye party was organised for the handover

to our new President for 2023/4  -  Dave Beese


Hi everyone

As I take the reigns of office for the next Lionistic year 2023-24 firstly I would like to thank once again Charles Williams for his leadership and unstinting support of our club for the last 3 years long - may it continue.










For the year ahead I would like to continue with our progress from difficult times and hopefully show a greater awareness of how important our people are both past and present Lions and our supporters, let’s always remember we are after all volunteers.

Dave Beese - President 2023-4

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