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Life Support Skills Training for School Leavers and Parishioners in the Stratford Area 

Training 2024 

Currently we will be holding training sessions as follows

  • The Vineyard, Abbots Salford (for Salford Priors Parish) April 18th 7pm

  • Venture House, Community Training, May 18th 10am to 3:30pm

  • King Edward VI School, 3rd,5th and 21st June

    For more information on our Life Support Skills Training press here

President 2023/24



































On 1st July a lovely evening in a 20's stlye party was organised for the handover

to our new President for 2023/4  -  Dave Beese

Hi everyone

As I take the reigns of office for the next Lionistic year 2023-24 firstly I would like to thank once again Charles Williams for his leadership and unstinting support of our club for the last 3 years long - may it continue.










For the year ahead I would like to continue with our progress from difficult times and hopefully show a greater awareness of how important our people are both past and present Lions and our supporters, let’s always remember we are after all volunteers.

Dave Beese - President 2023-4

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