Social Life



We’re an active bunch here at Shakespeare Lions club.

We like to ‘mix it up’ across a year with all sorts of social activities to enjoy.

We’re not letting the current challenges hold us back and we’re still holding events, just in a virtual way.

Here are just some of the social events our brilliant Social team has put together for the club recently.

In June 2021 Lion President, Charles Williams and his wife opened up their lovely garden for a socially distanced garden party utilising straw bales as tables.

 Lions and their partners turned up in posh frocks and fancy socks and brought with them their own tea including cucumber sandwiches and scones with jam and cream. 

In April a couple of teams of Lions tried to find Ivy in a virtual escape room challenge,  

whilst in May we took part in 'Shot in the dark', a quiz for people who are bored with quizzes! 

A very enjoyable and amusing hour which was well attended. 

With questions like: how much vodka does the average Russian drink in a year?

The comments often proved more entertaining than the answers! 

Not only was it a fun evening, but educational also. You never know when you will be able to impress your friends with the fact that the average Russian drinks 38 pints of vodka each per year!!


Next month some members are going on a vineyard tour including wine tasting.  

We have a wide range of activities, services and events that members can join or support.

Fancy Socks June 2021