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Life Support Skills Training
for School Leavers and Parishioners in the Stratford Area 

Since 2016 we have undertaken Life Support Skills training. This includes the recovery of an unconscious non-breathing casualty, CPR, the use of a Defibrillator, the Recovery Position and choking recovery. Unfortunately, we were not able to train after January 2020 until November 2021 due to COVID restrictions. 

Training to-date

The numbers of mainly Year 12 Stratford students trained since 2016 are as follows:        

  • KES   136 Jun2023 (132 in 2022) (135 in 2019) (128 in 2018) (133 in 2017) (112 in 2016)  

  • Stratford School                    Nil 2021 (92 in 2019) (102 in 2018) (105 in 2017) (32 in 2016) 

  • Stratford Girls GS             78 Nov 2021 (39 in 2019) (56 in 2018) (100 in 2017) (0 in 2016) 

Total (Stratford)                                1380 students @ June 2023

North Leamington School   January 2019 63 students (Year 8) and January 2020 79 students (Year 9)      

Total to-date              1522 students @March 2024









Having achieved, iin 2019, a milestone of 1000 school leavers trained since 2016, we were very disappointed not to be able to do further training after January 2020. Entry into senior Stratford schools was not possible due to COVID restrictions. School leavers are particularly targeted for training as they would, later, take Life Support Skills into the wider community. Training at Stratford School was not possible in 2022 due to construction work within the school.

Throughout this period, training was given by a pool of 12-15 Lions, one teacher and normally one senior member of Stratford Ambulance Association. During pupil ‘hands-on’ breakout sessions, there was generally one trainer to every 3 or 4 students. Notably our COVID precautions including masks, distancing and maximum ventilation were maintained at Stratford Girls Grammar School in November 2021. This particular training, in strict COVID times, reflected well on the commitment of the Lions team.

Our costs for 2020-2022 amounted to over £800 which included trainer ‘refresher’ training,the use of Foundation House rooms, replacement pads and leads and COVID measures. We are particularly grateful for a grant of £700 from the Municipal Charities in 2020 which has funded most of our training over this two-year period.  Significant costs are involved as our equipment and spares are made in the USA. In late 2023 we received a further grant from Municipal Charities of £800. It is anticipated that this will probably cover most of our expenses in the next two years.

Due to the recent interest in Life Support skills arising from the Euros Tournament, we have been asked to train fellow Lions Clubs and local community groups. So far we have trained Southam and Wellesbourne Lions in March 2022, Tiddington Community Centre, Fred Winter Centre staff in February 2023 and a Community Training Session with Stratford Ambulance Association over the weekend of March11/12 at which we trained 80 Stratford residents. Also we trained at Salford priors Memorial Hall in June.                                  Total adults trained 170 Adults



Training 2024 

Currently we will be holding training sessions as follows

  • The Vineyard, Abbots Salford (for Salford Priors Parish) April 18th 7pm

  • Venture House, Community Training, May 18th 10am to 3:30pm

  • King Edward VI School, 3rd,5th and 21st June

The Future

We understand that ‘Emergency First Aid’ is soon to be compulsorily taught in schools and await details to determine our possible involvement It is timely that our ‘refresher’ training in late March this year, has a wider remit to Life Support Skills to include Emergency First Aid and the treatment of burns, blood loss etc.            

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