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We are a busy part of Shakespeare Lions club and active in all sorts of ways.

Here are just a few of the things we are involved with.








One of the annual events we love at Shakespeare Lions is working with the Phoenix Players and this January was no exception. Together we brought a special performance aimed at those with disabilities or additional needs on their dress rehearsal night. A number of Lions were in attendance and welcomed around 60 guests who cheered and sang along with gusto throughout the evening. It was ‘Cinderella’ with a twist and our thanks go to the cast for their enthusiasm, talent and support.

Everyone got a goody bag and stickers and the opportunity to win a prize in our raffle. So, all in all,  a great night which we will definitely be doing again….OH, YES WE WILL!












These tickets were offered FREE OF CHARGE if bookings were made through Lions and we had a good amount of people apply for these for a fun filled evening.










A bucket collection afterwards collected £25. Letters of thanks have been received from the parents of some attendees and the Phoenix Players. A cheque for £200 will be donated this year to the Phoenix Players.

We award grants to children and adults with learning and physical disabilities.

We give so they can enjoy and learn from activities and residential events

that otherwise they could not attend. 

We have helped schools, Scout and Guide groups get new equipment and contributed

when Scout and Guide groups were fundraising for overseas trips.

The Citizens' Advice Bureau (CAB) also administer a sum of money on our behalf

which they use to buy school uniforms, furniture and white goods for people

who can not afford need those essentials.

Disadvantaged children have had paid lessons at Riding for the Disabled.

We consider any requests for the community so please fill-in our contact form

and we will respond as soon as we can.

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