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Message in a Bottle

‘Message in a Bottle’ is a simple but very effective way to help the Paramedics and Emergency Services if they have to come calling.

It helps them quickly identify your medical needs such as allergies or if you’re taking special medication which can save valuable time in an emergency.

How this works is very clever and oh so simple: the information is kept in a bottle and the bottle is kept in the fridge.

Why a fridge? It’s not that the bottle needs to be kept cold, it’s just that everyone has a fridge of some kind in their kitchen, so it’s an easy place to store and find a bottle.

And the emergency services will know to look for it there,

because there will be two labels to tell them.

The first label they see will be on or very near the main entrance to your home

and the second label will be on your fridge.

These bottles are made of unbreakable plastic, are clearly labelled and are FREE to anyone in the local community who may benefit from one.


If you or someone you care about would like one, just contact us either through our email or the contact form on our website.

Watch the video below for more information:

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