What Santa and his elves

got up to in December 2020 ...

Santa elf new sleigh.jpg
Santa Sleigh 2020 Nov2.jpg

Santa came to visit Stratford in mid-December and wanted us here at

Shakespeare Lions to help him. We were thrilled!! We know he is always

very busy so it was great to see him again. 

His elves had been very busy too. They had had a good look at Santa's sleigh

to make sure it was ready - but it was all dented and sad 

and tired. It needed a lot of work.  So they got busy and

Eden Suzuki Garage helped as well.

Now it looks as good as new. In fact it looks amazing and

Santa loved his new sleigh!  


This year Santa toured six different routes around the Stratford area

and stopped at some places in the weekends. 

The bottom of this page shows where he went and when and

if he needed to change something

because of the weather. 


Santa knew all about keeping himself, his elves and his fans as safe as possible.

He understood that his fans wouldn't be in groups of more than six and

that they would be waving and saying,

‘Merry Christmas, Santa!’ from about 2m away.

His elves wore masks as well and did not knock on doors to

collect any donations. But they had a bucket for you to fling

notes and coins into.

Why not donate online?  Just visit our 'Donate' page - and you can

gift aid us too, which is even better. He was excited about that, because

he knew that, just like normal, your donations

would be used to support groups and individuals in our local area.

Santa Sleigh 2020 Nov1a resized.jpg
Eden_Logo 2020 Nov they helped sleigh.jp
Eden Suzuki Garage gave Santa yet another lovely surprise -it was an early Christmas present!  They helped repair his sleigh and loaned him a car with a special tow-bar.  This meant that he and his sleigh were towed in better style and in safety. 
Thank you Eden Suzuki Garage on the
Birmingham Rd in Stratford upon Avon!   
Back in October 2020 ........
"Oh, No! " One of Santa's elves had just seen
how old and tired Santa's sleigh had been.  

Santa stopped here

in December 2020

Pleased as Punch   ........
Santa was very happy with his new sleigh, while
one of his Elves snuck in a last minute touch up. 
Well done, Elves!
Santa 2020 Morrisons .jpeg
Santa was spotted relaxing at Morrisons on Saturday 5th December.  Look at that sleigh
- no wonder Santa looked so cool;
his sleigh was Amazing! 
Back in October 2020 ........
"Oh, No! Yet more damage!!"   
Here's our Christmas Raffle! Morrisons Supermarket had given us lots of yummy things for our raffle.  The draw was held at Morrisons, 20th December @ 2:00pm. 
And the winner is ... 
Well, actually, we know who the  winner was, but when we rang with the good news they said that they wanted to remain anonymous. 
In fact, they also wanted to donate all the lovely goodies to the homeless.  So we did just that.  
Merry Christmas,
Mr Anonymous!

Santa's elves had done a wonderful job of making his sleigh look as good as new. 

You could have had a closer look and admired it when he stopped here:  

Saturday, 5th December @ Morrisons Supermarket  CV37 9DA;  10:00am - 4:00pm

Saturday, 12th December @ The Maybird Shopping Centre CV37 0HZ;  10:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday, 20th December @ The Stratford market; 10:00am - 4:00pm

Santa drove here in December 2020

Route 1:        Thursday 10th December,  5pm – 7pm

Santa started at Tiddington / Loxley Rd, then visited ... 

Knights Ln, Lawson Ave, Oak Rd, Townsend Rd, Loxley Rd, Burford Rd, Wootton Close,

Moreton Close, Avon Cres, Dale Ave, Eton Rd, Manor Green and finished at Manor Rd.


Route 2:        Friday 11th December, 5pm – 7pm

Santa started at Trinity Mead / Bridgetown, then visited ...

Milton Ave, Yeats Rd, Longfellow Rd, Wordsworth Ave, Betjeman Rd, Amis Way and Rushbrook Rd. 

Then Santa moves on to Kipling Rd, Azalea Rd, Marigold Rd, Bluebell Rd, Bridgetown Rd, Shelley Rd,

Hunts Rd, Keats Rd, Byron Rd, Rushbrook Rd, Tennison Rd and finished at Masefield Rd.


Route 3:        Monday 14th December, 5pm – 7pm

Santa started at Clopton / Justins, then visited ...

Fordham Ave, St Marys Rd, Slingates, Jolyffe Park Rd, Talbot Rd, Clopton Rd, Blue Cap Rd,

Blackthorn Rd, Birchfield Rd, Dugdale Ave, Dingles Way, Swift Rd, Verney Drive, Burbage Ave,

Flower Rd, Clopton Road, Justins Ave, Hodgson Rd, Woodlands Rd and finished at Oakleigh Rd.


Route 4:       Tuesday 15th December, 5pm – 7pm

Santa started at Drayton Avenue / West Green Drive, then visited ...

Masons Rd, Bromford Way, Drayton Ave, Trevelyan Cres, Bishops Close, Hillside Rd, Holbrook Rd,

Sidelands Rd, Glebe Rd, Mount Cres, Bishopton Ln and Shelbourne Rd.  After this Santa rode along East Green Dr, Redlands Cres, South Green Dr and Hathaway Green Ln.  Last but not least, were Mount Cres and West Green Drive, and then Santa finished at the Fabric Hut, on East Green Dr.

Route 5:       Wednesday 16th December, 5pm – 7pm

Santa started at Birmingham Road, then visited ...

Hamlet Way, Ophelia Dr, Canners Way, Birmingham Rd, Josephs Way, Meadowsweet Rd,

Buckingham Way, Balmoral Gr, Sandringham Ave, Squirrel Str, Hedgehog Ave, Barn Ln, David Way, Farm Close and finished at St Peters Way.


Route 6:        Thursday 17th December, 5pm – 7pm

Santa started at Evesham Rd / The Willows, and then visited ...

Orchard Way, Brookfield Rd, The Willows, St Andrews Cres, St Martins Close, Shottery Rd,

Quiney’s Rd, Hathaway Ln, Aintree Rd, Evesham Rd, Bordon Pl, Sanctus Rd

and finished at Sandfield Rd.