Easter Eggs

Everyone loves chocolate and a giant Easter Egg, a whole kilogram of Belgian chocolate, can prove irresistible.

Shakespeare Lions Club taps into this love of chocolate by raffling off giant Easter Eggs in a basket before Easter.

The Lions Club purchases about 40 Easter Eggs and asks schools, local business such as shops, pubs, and golf clubs etc to support their local community by displaying the Easter Eggs and selling raffle tickets.

Just before Easter each venue picks a lucky winner.

The Easter Eggs are a hugely successful fundraiser each year and a wonderful opportunity to serve our community by distributing the funds generated which is about £2,000 to £3,000.

Unfortunately, during Covid our Easter Eggs have been a casualty as without Pubs, Clubs and Hotels, it hasn't been possible to run our traditional raffle.  However, Welcombe Hills School, who have always been a great supporter of Lions, agreed to have their Easter Egg as usual and were delighted that Shakespeare Lions had not forgotten them in this exceptional year.  Staff from the school are photographed accepting this year's egg.

Easter Egg 2021.jpg