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Young Leaders In Service


This wonderful programme quietly works away every year but it can make a real difference to the 11–18 year olds that it focuses on.

Essentially, it gives an opportunity for young people who do "unpaid

volunteering stuff for the community" to get recognised.

There are two awards; the SilverSeal’ recognises someone when they have served for 50 hours over a year while the Gold Seal’ award gives recognition to 100 hours of service and again over a year.


The young people who’ve been involved with this have been incredibly creative in what they do–from visiting the elderly in care homes or caring for a disabled family member, to volunteering at e.g. Guides or Scouts, through to tree planting or rubbish collecting so their community can enjoy a better environment.


Some spread their volunteering service over a range of activities while others like to focus on just one area.

It’s wonderful to be able to give them recognition in this way–this helps their job prospects because it makes them stand out from the crowd for an employer.

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